It Is Very Hard To Say The Exact Truth, Even About Your Own Immediate Feelings

Much Harder Than To Say Something Fine About Them Which Is Not The Exact Truth

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sultans Of Swing ...

To a person who used to be my best friend...

A few years ago, you had been there for me. Through everything. The good times and bad, no matter what. And that time, i cannot wait 2 grow old and see what you have done with your life. Who you married, and what your children are like. To laugh, and reminisce over good times we shared together. We shared laughs of joy. Moments of pain. Tears of happiness. We earned care, understanding, as well as a place, in the heart of one another. We talked about our dreams, about being best friends for life, just about everything imaginable.

When in trouble, we helped each other with all our strength. When asked why,we simply smiled, and questioned back ... "What are friends for?" We walked right beside each other as we felt a friendly breeze. One that i shall never forget! We were close friends. I knew i could count on you for anything i needed. And when i needed you most, you were always there till the day you had to move away. I knew you still cared for we still can be friends only from a distance. But, we never get through phones lines to talk.

Last night, i heard your voice on the phone, but, i can't even say a HELLO! For now, we are not so called a friend anymore. Even though long distance i do miss our sleepovers. And the pranks you'd pull. And our long talks and our laughs we used to share. How you made me feel better just by being there? I miss you my friend. And i know you still care that we are friends forever. You and i, friends till the end. Or the day we die.

For me...

A friend is a treasure that everyone has. Sometimes they come, sometimes they pass. A friends will stay if there is no betray or lie. Or leave behind. A friend is need to succeed in this life. In this world were you can't live you can't breath. Life will be unfair but a friend will be there to give you hope, and faith and a path that is right to take.

This will lead you to your dreams that you never thought would come true. That is being friends forever with you. Sometimes you forget what your friend has done. You just stab in the back. And leave behind. But when it comes to them and they don't do the same, you just turn your back. And do it again. But, one day, you will be alone. Then you will realize that all you once had is gone.

But, my dear old friend .. If i ask .. Will u answer my question? Why so much hurt? Why so much pain? Why can't we do the same thing again? Why do we hate? Can anyone answer these questions? Where do people go wrong? I don't understand it. Do you? Is that me who'd doing wrong? Is that me?

One day its fine, the other its not so. The next day its back to the way we were. Why so many changes? Why can't we stay the same? Please just answer me this! Why do we act this way? Why can't it just be like old times? I don't see why not!

If you say you've changed a lot, i can see only one thing different. This isn't how we used to be. This isn't the way we're supposed to act. But i guess nothing will change and this is how its meant to be.

If i can say i'm sorry, why can't you say that it's Ok? Why didn't you say it back to me? It was such a while ago, what we did that day. I apologized thousands times and still you didn't care. I knew, i know you better then her, it was just a stupid dare.

She told me once, you said that i'm afraid to talk to you. Did you know why? Did u ask? Honest, i think, if i talk to you, you have to bring that up. Why can't you get over it? Why? Why does every single word will makes u hate me? Why? Yes, of course i'm still here, loyal, sincere friend. But, why didn't u come? Why? Just say your sorry and it's done! Do you dare?

Every time i think about it, i just want to die. You seem to get joy from these tears that i cry. I want us to apologize again last night. But, i think, all you can say is NO! And the worst is, u will be rude. But my friend, did i'm the one who did that bullshit? I want to try to say that i'm all right. But the truth is, i'm gonna blow.

I can't seem to see why you're still mad, I SAY I AM SORRY...can't you see? Can you say to me those words? I didn't see how what i did was bad. But wait, it just hit me. For you to know, i have no troubles with my enemies. But for you my dear friend, our memories are the ones that keeps me walking the floor nights.

Ahhhh .. i have no more words .. For you my dear old friend .. All these words are just from the honest me for you .. Poor me .. Hurt by friendship .. Loyal with pain .. Guilty with love .. Saddened by shame .. =(

  • Tak tau nak kata apa2 lagi. Sangat2 sedih.
  • Dulu, kita macam adik beradik. Sekarang, kalau boleh, kita tak mahu terserempak langsung.
  • Benda ni dah lama. Tapi, aku masih lagi ingat engkau sebagai seorang kawan yang paling aku sayang. Paling aku sanjung. Paling aku respek.
  • Kalau boleh, aku nak kita macam dulu lagi. Kua sama2. Makan sama2. Deting sama2. Haha!
  • Entahlah... Abg Ngah pernah pesan dulu. Dpn rumah engkau, Abg Ngah kata jangan putus kawan. Tapi.. Entah..
  • Lantak la orang nak kata apa. Tapi, aku harap, ko juga akan say sorry. It worth for me.
  • Dulu, masa lepak di rumah aku, engkau penah bagitau aku yang engkau tak akan jumpa lagi kawan yg macam aku. Aku pon pnh kata mcm tu. Itu dulu. sekarang? Memang btl kita langsung tak jumpa dah! Kahkah! Bodo!
  • Ahh .. i do drop my tears. For the one, who used to be my best friend. =(
  • It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.
  • Lagu kat bawah ni utk ko..Sbb suma cd ko ada lagu ni...


  1. Ermm... i do drop my tears too....
    poor yu, poor him n poor us..

  2. Ermm... i do drop my tears too....
    poor yu, poor him .. :(

  3. xpe..abg belo kan ade..

  4. <span>Wuceh!~  
    dan2 je jd abg belo lak.. wakakaka ..  
    tak kuasa la aku meng-gei-kan diri ngan ko bell .. wakakaka .. 
    takpe2 .. aku ingat lagi kata2 ko dulu bell .. 
    dia ada tanya aku kat ko .. tengkiu ..   </span>

    <span>mmg komen dari ko yg aku tunggu2 bel .. hehek..
     kem salam ngan dorang ek beloriah .. huehue .. 8-) </span>

  5. but .. still cant do nothing rite?
    it's a faith ..

  6. ermm..sian.. den kan ado ni haa.. den pun kawan ekau gak..hek3..

  7. weyuh..
    sahabat lain... kawan lain.. yu leh share2 spender ngan ai ke? nGahahaha!~

  8. wOw... syeksyi tuh share2 cepender... hakhak..
    **h0h berjangkit kulat kat m0mt0t tuh kang**

  9. nGahahaha!!~ kuLat momtot Lak!! Hakhaka!!~ *DONT_KNOW*



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