It Is Very Hard To Say The Exact Truth, Even About Your Own Immediate Feelings

Much Harder Than To Say Something Fine About Them Which Is Not The Exact Truth

Saturday, April 30, 2011

--==[[ Where did you go!~ ]]==--

Copy From FS Blog
Date ::: 8th August 2006

Remember i looked at u than u looked at me ? we had a love conection between us. U told me u love me and i told u i love u. I gave u everything from me and u took all away. U had to leave me but u never said good-bye but today u come to see me. U wrote to me but i didnt reply u.

Two days ago u said that u love me just like before. But today u said no. How sad it is. And yet! U make me down again. So down. And u make me lost again. Later then we never talk to each other we just say hi or good-bye.

NOW. I moved on. Just like u did to me. Well guess what u r the one with a broken heart just like me. These moments in time are urs. These two moments are urs to keep. Treasure them for we must each go along our own paths. U to ur destiny and I to mine.

The dreams I dream of you, as I lay awake at night. Tears flowing down your face, rivers flowing down mine. As we think of our parting, and reminisce our love. But always remember ... That I am here.. I am here.. I am here in your very beginning. Our love cannot be forgotten for I am here ... I am here .. Hiding from you ..

U and I were the greatest thing that laughter and smiles is what we would bring. We would talk on the phone, until it was time for bed. Even then I would see you, in my dreams, inside my head. Every time I saw you, I would always smile. U could see a glow in my eyes from miles and miles and I wish I was still holding onto u.

But you gotta go now. So what can I do? Now when I see u, there's always a frown. Won't u please turn that sad frown upside down? If u're not happy, then just say ur goodbye. Because seeing u depressed, brings tears to my eyes.

Today I approached you again. But u didn't say a word. I still have feelings for u. Haven't u heard? I miss seeing u smile and laugh. Won't u please remember the fun we had? Holding hands coming from lunch and I miss u a whole bunch! U were all I talked about. Now all I do is walk around the house and being lonely.

I love hearing your voice. It brings a smile to my mouth. It's a sound that I shall always embrace. I had no idea on how I actually felt this way. Please tell me..why does it feel like u're pushing me away? The reason we broke up, we'd already know why. Just thinking about u now makes me want to cry. It was peer pressure..

U said I lied too much. But U would easily take me back with just one touch. Please dont say that the one ur with, for u, doesn't even care. I miss ur way more than just a little bit. But now I need to toughen up.. I know we'll always be apart..That is the reason why right now, I have a broken heart.

Remember that time when I says lets take a break ? But what does a break mean to u? How can u act like i'm not there. Was what i did that bad ? U said we'll be together again. But in my eyes i see hate and in my heart i know u hate me. That is the worst feeling, but in a sense i hate u too.

At the same time i have no idea how i feel about u! My feelings have been scattered in my brain. Giving me a tobbing headache. Then when i looked into ur eyes i know it's perfect and what i've been looking for. But now i'm slowly losing u of my life. I have to hurt u and it must.

Am i left with no way to fix what i've done ?? I am sorry dear... I am sorry. I've noticed myself that i know what u feels i understand and i feel like hell for treating u the way i have I am truly an ugly person inside.. and i am ashamed..

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