It Is Very Hard To Say The Exact Truth, Even About Your Own Immediate Feelings

Much Harder Than To Say Something Fine About Them Which Is Not The Exact Truth

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

--==[[ Starlight!~ ]]==--

I know what u gonna say. U say it every time. And i know i wont be fine. I know that u don't care. I know there’s nothing there. U can say what u want. Do as u please. So u can think what u want about me. That wont change ur mind about what u think. If i'll ever be over u completely there will one thing that I don't know.

I've made my mistakes, caused my troubles. But i didnt get a clue, yet i know i pay. I have driven hatred into this world. To which you offered peace and safety. Yet i wanted chaos and confusion. For only a moment time. Weary n hastily i got these things. With a whirl wind of consequences.

I did not mean for things to end this way. For them to be in such an up roar. My heart pleads with you. Do not forgive me but understand i am lost in a world i myself created. Though i know they are not. I have trapped myself within. Forgive me not for the heartache. Forgive me not for the troubles i've caused. But u know i apologize.


  1. aku xmo komen poem ni sbb aku rs aku ade kene mengena.uwaaaaa

  2. p0em?? ada kena mengena ngan kamu miss fashazz??
    hmmm??? wat say u bad? hmmm??

  3. maybe fashaz maksudkan citer dia dengan someone else kot..lebih kurang gtu..i think so laa..ntah..i no komended..



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