It Is Very Hard To Say The Exact Truth, Even About Your Own Immediate Feelings

Much Harder Than To Say Something Fine About Them Which Is Not The Exact Truth

Monday, December 15, 2008

--==[[ Lullaby!~ ]]==--

Kenapa ek? Time kat pc dengan time kat blogger ni tak sama? Huehuehue .. Waktu original skrg 8pm. Kejap lagi tengok lah apa yang akan berlaku bila psot ini di publishkan. So ... apa yang berlaku hari ni ye? 15 Disember 2008. Umur Merrah Amani genap 1 tahun.

Happy Birthday To You!~
Happy Birthday To You!~
Happy Birthday To Merrah!~
Happy Birthday To You!~

A ball. Liverpool's Ball. Birthday present for him. Hope that he will be a fan of Liverpool! Yeay!~ And one more thing. A lorry. A BackHoe. As he deserved it to be a lovely great child of engineers!~ Hehe!~

That's all. Nothing much ... But, there's something i wld like to say ...

A baby boy are here. And for sure u always be a dear. U always be loved from head to toes. There are oohs and aahs whereever u goes. All that really matters is that u will be a lucky child. Ur mom kiss away boos boos and wipe away tears. Ur dad teach u lots of things over the years. Although u will grow up one of these days. U will give lots of memories in so many ways. Enjoy ur precious gift sent from above. And u'll always remember how much u will be loved. But then ..

When True Love stays aside of any human 's life. Loneliness takes the place prolonging nights and days. When True Love is not near, what song u use to hear? What means time and space? Which are the special days? When Love remains so far and u resemble tire, to whom u will require? Where will be ur desire? When True Love is abide, with whom u can comply? Who will respond ur call and hear u at all?

When True Love stays inside the soul enjoys it's truthfulness, will u hear a voice reply ur heart and remains rely? When True Love overflows something makes ur face glows, will love enjoys ur free soul? Will u looking at the Great Goal? When True Love states ur kingdom, will u recover the reason? Will u retrieve ur lost smile for becomes a new life? When True Love really arrives, will u be abide?

For beloved Merrah ...

Please remember and promise that u will live in Victory. Since u are seeing a Glory. Today, on ur 1st birthday, u cannot read. Or even understand any single word. But, one day, u will realized that there are the one who really care bout u... =)


  1. perhh..nice name laa this little boy..budaknya pun salam same dia ek..cakap happy besday..moga bila besar nanti leh jadi org yang berguna..muach muachh kat die..ahakS..

  2. Nice kan?
    I do really love this baby!~ Yeay!~
    Cute kan?
    Sebab ibu dia mmg sgt2 shantek!
    I do really love his mom either!
    Moga besar nnti dia jd cam ai!~ Amin!~
    nGeee... =D



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