It Is Very Hard To Say The Exact Truth, Even About Your Own Immediate Feelings

Much Harder Than To Say Something Fine About Them Which Is Not The Exact Truth

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

--==[[ Burn!~ ]]==--

You sit there watching me as i burn. Why don't you help me? You just sit there and watch me yearn. Flame of fire. You sit there watching me burn as the blood drips down like rain. The weight of my burdens it too much to bear. But you're still just sitting there.

Im disappearing and slowly fading away. But still you sit there watching me burn. You seem to have nothing to say. As the fire finally swell up. But still you sit there watching me burn. Smile. Happy. Knowing that I'm about to disappear. Woke up in a world where a person close to me felt like a stranger. I no longer annoyed this abusive behavior.

Couldn't imagine it really happening. As i realized these twisted thoughts of nightmares were realities. Trusting inside. Figuring the pleasure drained out my pleads. I saw nothing but greed. Feeling unvalued like an empty soul. What did i do to deserve this?

How did i end up? What so perfect? Now, no longer did i care about the bullshit! When it's nothing compared to the shit that starts up in the brain. Things began to change. Automatically fell silent and pushed people away. It never mattered when no one wants to hear of this kind of shit.

All of this shit made it hard to trust anyone. Even brainwashed myself to thinking i would never known nor be known. With no direction to turn. Since everybody goes through their own problems. Tired of comparing my life with others. Is all that supposed to take away my troubles and dissolve them?

Demanding all of my time. My concentration is captured. You just have to notice. Feeding from my every thought. Demanding all of my time. My concentration is captured. Just have to notice. Feeding from my every thought. Listening to my madness chime. Maturing from my every action. Cradling my happiness in its cold, gray cape. Capturing my relativity. Living in void. Depression is my friend.


  1. tanya yang nobo-1 ke nobo-2? apa ke hei nyer nih? ai tatau apa2 p0n?

    **buat.muka.stret... =|

  3. njaii~~
    ong tetua pesan, jgn suka marah2 nanti cpt tua okek!~..

  4. mana.ada.marah2..

  5. ek?



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