It Is Very Hard To Say The Exact Truth, Even About Your Own Immediate Feelings

Much Harder Than To Say Something Fine About Them Which Is Not The Exact Truth

Monday, November 09, 2009

BLeedinG Me

Tears falling down my cheek, what’s happening to me? I used to be so strong, but lately I feel so weak. All the stress brings me down, tt gives me no choice. I cant seem to speak my mind. I just can't find my voice. More cuts end up on my wrist.

Something else i got to hide. Besides the smile i used to have. But now it's hid behind. The other part of me is the person i pretend to be. So, you don’t see my tears. I fight all my fears. I can't show emotion. So, i store it all inside. But, it builds up,

I breakdown. I have to cut myself to let it all out. The pills numb my pain puts the stress off to the side and when i bleed it all out, i feel better inside.

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