It Is Very Hard To Say The Exact Truth, Even About Your Own Immediate Feelings

Much Harder Than To Say Something Fine About Them Which Is Not The Exact Truth

Friday, November 13, 2009

--==[[ When You're Gone ]]==--

Rain sweetly falls upon my face. The thunder, the lightning, numbing my pain. Wind sweeping brusquely through my hair. In that moment, i didn't have a care. I like the quiet, for it speaks the truth. No false pretences, just me and just you. Your words become whispers humming softly in my mind.

Building a battle ground of fears and tears. Time has made me complacent. Cold and sheer. I fall to a place wide within myself. Try as i may i always stumble back to you. Once again, i'm the fool. I was too weak to give in. Too strong to lose. Your promise of forever came decades too soon.

I know this for certain and there's no going back. Our love affair has fallen, wandering off track. Perhaps in a different time, different place, things would have been different. But, what to say? That time, i take one last look. I outline your face. Kiss you one last kiss. And slowly walk away.

I listen to your voice but hear nothing there. What happened to the love that we use to share? I reach out for your hand and it feels so cold. What happened to the warmth that it use to hold ? I never thought a love like ours would ever die.

I never thought you could ever make me cry. It use to be so special like a dream come true. You were the one for me and i was the one for you. Now things have changed we've fallen apart. You said that i'm not the same person. But you? Did you the same person that once touched my heart that moment?

I say i need time cause time is all we had. I'm tired when we both being hurt and feeling so sad. There's nothing left to do but go our own way. The question of "what happened?" will be answered some day. Will u trust me? Will u? Will u?

I'm depress ...

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